Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rep Trials

Today I had my second week of Hockey Rep Trials. I thought I did pretty well in the game I was tackling, passing and sprinting my hardest. But today we found out who the 30 people getting in were, we were all waiting nervously hoping to hear our name. I was 1 of the 30 people I was so ecstatic about it! Unfortunately my best friend Codie didn't get in and my friend from my school team Hannah didn't get in either. But I really had fun today!

Saturday 20/6/09

Yesterday we played against Southwell 3rdX1, this was our first loss ever but it was only 1-0. It was a terrible game but our team picked up in the second half. Player of the day was Claudia for stopping lots of balls and defending well. This game was just a fun game though because we had already played them before. Next week is our big Promotion Relegation game and that means if we win it we get to move up a grade. "Never in Saints history have we gone up a grade." Said the coach.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rep Trials

Today I had the first day of hockey Waikato Rep Trials, it was really fun! We practiced 2 on 1's and dribbling skills, drags and hits, passing and sweeps. For me the one I liked best and did good in was the dribbling skills.I dribbled through cones and then dragged past a couple of cones and then flicked over another set of cones. I really liked the morning even though it was an early start!

After that I then watched the Waikato U16's play their Tri Series against Bay of Plenty it was a really good game to watch with how strong they were and fast! Waikato ended up winning about 4-1 or 5-1 I lost count after a while!! I really enjoyed the day and can't wait til next weeks trials which is when we play a game and get moved around in different positions while the coaches see our strengths and weaknesses it will be fun!


Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday 12/6/09

On Friday our team did really well all of the team had a good game. We did good passes and scoring goals! The turf was really wet so it made the ball harder to travel and pass. Finally our score was 4-0 to us which was a good end result! Player of the day went to Hannah she had a really great game and scored one of the goals!!

:] Our team is now top of the table in the C Grade which is cool! :]

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

First Post

Well this is my first post on blogger, each week I will be posting stuff on my hockey results!

So starting the list off last week we played St Peters and won 4-1 but all over our playing wasn't that great the coach thought of it as "ping-pong." I have to agree though because we did play really sloppy but yet again we still won which was sort of a bonus.